Sunday, March 29, 2009

March 29, 2009

Katelyn's face has been stuck in a book most the week. She's completed two books, plus read all of the 2nd Harry Potter novel all in one week. It's fun to see her enjoying and understanding the Harry Potter books. Dale and I read her the first book a couple of years ago and she really didn't understand everything. This time, she is asking lots of intelligent questions and anticipating plot twists.

Luke was really cute a couple of weeks ago as we were preparing to go to a ward playgroup. We started talking about all of the friends he wanted to see there. Suddenly, he got a twinkle in his eye, ran over to our couch and climbed up. Pointing to the picture of Aaron with the Savior, Daniel, and Allison, he said, "I want to play with that boy" (Aaron).

Eli discovered the exciting game of "duck, duck, goose" during Family Home evening this week. (see pic below) He is so excited to be mobile. He loves helping unload the dishwasher (clean or dirty). He also tries to rush in whenever Luke needs to use the bathroom. His loud, high pitched, happy squeal can be heard throughout the house (So glad that the weather is changing so we can be outside with that squeal).

Dale and Melanie enjoyed another date night (2 weeks in a row -- an all time record!!!!). This time we went to a hibachi restaurant. Good food and even better company.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Been a long time, but it is happening

This past week we had a lot of things happen that haven't happened for a while.
  • It's been a long time since the dentist said that Katelyn was going to "lose her teeth any day", but Katelyn finally lost the last one we've been waiting for today. (and just in time for her ortho appointment tomorrow).
  • It's been a long time, but Dale and Melanie were finally able to go on a date. They went hiking while Eli serenaded the babysitter with his cries.
  • It's been a long time, but Melanie made it to the temple.
  • It's been a long time, but we are starting to see the first flowers of spring -- crocuses which Melanie planted randomly all over the grass. Luke loves to go out and find the tiny flowers. As he yells and jumps up and down in excitement, Eli squeals in delight.
  • It's been a long time (or so she feels), but Katelyn has her own email address now.
  • It hasn't been long enough, but Eli is trying to climb the stairs. I found his hands on the third step and his feet were on the first step.
  • It hasn't been long enough, but Eli is trying to pull up on things and let go to stand on his own. Today he stood for 5 seconds by himself.
  • It's been a long time, but Dale was born 36 years ago Monday. We had lots of birthday fun and good food.

We're also including pictures of the boys bathing -- They'll hate to know in the future that we posted nude pictures of them for the world to see. I hope they'll forgive us.

Fun eating apples

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Walls are up and come down

We're trying to start a weekly family blog ... we'll see how consistent we really are.

This week's updates: We finished the master bedroom!!!!! (at least as much as we can do until the bathroom is finished). It is so nice to have it all done. We've also started cleaning out the bathroom which is still in the rough stages. It will be fun to really start moving on it again.

Katelyn had a lucrative visit from the tooth fairy this week after she lost 3 teeth in one day. A couple of them broke in half because they were so thin from being so ready to come out.

Eli is also mobile. Last week he was doing an exaggerated arm movement that made him look like he was swimming free-style. This week he looks like more of a normal crawl. He also enjoys pulling himself up on the furniture and roaring.

Luke enjoys growling and roaring with Eli. We're definitely entering more of a noisy stage with the boys. I could get rich if I got a nickle for anytime I heard the words "my" or "mine" in the house.

Yesterday we had a beautiful day. Melanie got to go on a 5K with the youth in preparation for their summer handcart trek. When she got home, Dale started taking down the white fence that has been falling down in our backyard. Having the fence down really makes the yard feel more open. Katelyn got "deer poop" duty. Luke was a great help in finding all of the piles for her to pick up.

Overall a great week. Tune in next week for more updates (I hope ....)