Sunday, April 26, 2009

garden boxes and more

This week Melanie kept Dale more than busy building garden boxes and cages. With the numerous critters that frequent our backyard (deer, ground hogs, rabbits, etc), past gardens have provided more food for the wildlife than for our dinner table. Hopefully, these new boxes will save the plants. Now we'll see if Melanie can really grow anything:-) Luke and Eli have both enjoyed being outside during the building process. Eli, unlike our other kids, is fearless. He doesn't seem to mind the grass, rock, gravel or sticks that he crawls over. He loves the dirt! Luke loves playing outside and thought he was really a big kid when our neighbor Amy invited him over to play Saturday afternoon.

Katelyn had a great day at "Take your child to work day" at J&J. Most of her classmates that went to work with their parents thought that it was pretty boring. J&J was anything but boring. The IT department let them take apart and reassemble a computer. They also surgically removed a penny from a banana and got to staple it back up -- this was done while wearing full surgical garb and mask. They did experiments trying to determine the best bubble making solution. They also made a bracelet to sell and all proceeds went to help the fight against breast cancer (they were excellent salesmen -- the parents were told to bring $5). Then, they each got a bag full of J&J products and marketing paraphernalia. They took a tour of an ambulance. The Liberty Science Center did a presentation. Then of course, there was a pizza party at lunch and an ice cream social at the end of the day. So, overall not a bad day at work for Katelyn.

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  1. The take your child to work day sounds wonderful!

    And I love your garden. Good luck!

  2. Sounds like a party. What kid wouldn't enjoy that day? Good luck on your garden. We are planting mom's soon. We have everything bought, just waiting on me to get a little more healthy. Love ya!