Sunday, April 5, 2009

Time flies when you're having fun. This past week Dale (with his unofficial calling) had pack meeting. He and the kids had a great time eating and playing games during the Blue and Gold Dinner.

The youth had a pancake breakfast/ car wash/ garage sale fundraiser on Saturday morning which Melanie was involved with. Eli even got to eat his first pancake! Luke enjoyed playing with friends and Katelyn was a great help as she came early with Melanie and then watched the boys when Dale left early.

Katelyn started soccer this week. So, weather permitting, we should be staying busy with that.

Eli continues to progress. He loves copying his older brother. He's been taking small cars and going "Vrooooooom, vrooooom" If you want to see a picture of this or other pictures from this week, see our picture site:

We loved watching (when we could hear it over the racing cars from Luke and Eli) General Conference in our own home. What a blessing it is to hear the words of the prophets, apostles and other leaders! We came away spiritually fed and with hope to be better in so many ways. Good thing we have eternity to work on some of these things:)

In between sessions we were able to take a walk in Hedden Park which is right behind our house. (see above link for more pics). Its so much fun to see the beginning signs of spring -- the occasional green leaves and plants. We've also enjoyed the colorful crocus blooming in our own yard and it looks like the daffodils should pop open in the next week or two!!

We're excited for this next week as Grandma Paula and Grandpa David are coming.

Hope everyone enjoys this most holy of weeks & Easter Sunday.

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  1. Great pictures! I love the park pictures, what bright colors! We've had psuedo "spring" several times over, enough to bloom and then freeze again. Gotta love Texas weather.