Sunday, May 3, 2009

Garden, garden, garden, oh and some tennis, & cherry blossoms

This week was all about finishing getting the garden cages finished -- stapling down the chicken wire, putting hinges on the large cages, mixing soil, and planting transplants and seeds. Still a little early for some of the warm summer crops (tomatoes, etc), but we've got a good start on some of the other stuff. Fun to see that our radishes have already sprouted (not sure if anyone will eat them, but its hard to pass up something that will be ready for harvest in three weeks).

Katelyn also started tennis lessons this week. Yes, she is doing two sports right now -- soccer and tennis. But, when she showed interest in the Challis' favorite sport, how could we say no? So, by the end of the week, everyone in the family now has tennis rackets. Katelyn had a great first practice and thinks she is pretty hot stuff. Luke was able to hit 3 balls that Dale tossed to him. Dale and Melanie might have to hit the court on a date night soon.

Finally, this week the cherry trees are in blossom. We have a small cherry tree in our backyard that Dale took the above picture. But to see more pictures of our family in beautiful Hurd Park with a cherry tree lined brook, please see our picture website: There are also pictures of Eli playing the piano -- he discovered that he can reach the keys if he stands on his tiptoes. He has tried to play duets while Katelyn has been practicing.

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