Sunday, May 10, 2009

Snakes, toads, soccer, fence, Mother's Day, Eli standing

Saturday Melanie looked out the window to see some strange animal outside. Not sure what she was seeing, she went outside to find two snakes playing tug-a-war with a toad. When she went out, one of the snakes fled, leaving the toad to the other snake. Unfortunately, Dale and the kids weren't home, but she was able to get pictures. The boys (including Dale) are fascinated and Katelyn is petrified and will not even look at this blog while the picture is showing.

This week we stayed busy with more soccer. Katelyn and her team played very well. We took a lot of pictures. See our pictures site.

We also finished taking down the ugly white fence in the backyard. Can't believe how it has transformed our backyard from feeling long and narrow to much wider and expansive.

Melanie had a wonderful Mother's Day (& week). Celebration started Tuesday with a special Activity Day where Katelyn gave Melanie a beautiful pin and framed letter. Later in the week she also gave Melanie some potted marigolds from school. Dale and the kids all helped to make a wonderful fruit and french toast breakfast. Then Luke led Melanie blind-folded into the kitchen to help her sit down in one of her new chairs for outside. Katelyn's gift-giving wasn't done and she gave Melanie mascara and a slice of a geode. Lots of hugs, kisses, good food and love made a wonderful Mother's Day.

An update on Eli -- he has discovered that he likes to stand unassisted. So, he stands himself up and is so proud of how long he can go without holding on to anything.

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  1. Ewwww...I don't blame Katelyn for not liking that picture. Gross.:) It's cool, though. I bet you could sell a picture like that to National Geographic or something--not one you'll catch every day.